IBMProvider.backends(name=None, filters=None, min_num_qubits=None, instance=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Return all backends accessible via this account, subject to optional filtering.

  • name (Optional[str]) – Backend name to filter by.

  • min_num_qubits (Optional[int]) – Minimum number of qubits the backend must have.

  • instance (Optional[str]) – The provider in the hub/group/project format.

  • filters (Optional[Callable[[List[IBMBackend]], bool]]) –

    More complex filters, such as lambda functions. For example:

    IBMProvider.backends(filters=lambda b: b.max_shots > 50000)
    IBMProvider.backends(filters=lambda x: ("rz" in x.basis_gates )

  • **kwargs

    Simple filters that require a specific value for an attribute in backend configuration, backend status, or provider credentials. Examples:

    # Get the operational real backends
    IBMProvider.backends(simulator=False, operational=True)
    # Get the backends with at least 127 qubits
    # Get the backends that support OpenPulse

    For the full list of backend attributes, see the IBMBackend class documentation <>

Return type:



The list of available backends that match the filter.