What can Qiskit do

Qiskit accelerates the development of quantum applications by providing the complete set of tools needed for interacting with quantum systems and simulators.

Access to circuits
Access a rich set of well-studied circuits, which can be used as benchmarks, building blocks in more complex circuits, or as a tool to explore quantum computational advantage.
Hardware Access
Execute code on multiple quantum hardware architectures, from superconducting qubits to trapped-ions.
Quantum Algorithms
Research and prototype machine learning, optimization and chemistry applications by building upon a library of quantum algorithms.
Noise Mitigation
Study and reduce the impact of noise using built-in modules for noise characterization and circuit optimization.
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Quick Start

When you are looking to start with Qiskit you have two options. You can get started locally and use your favorite development environment, or you can get started online with IBM’s hosted Jupyter Notebooks.

Start locally

To install Qiskit locally, you will need Python 3.6+. Although it isn't required, we recommend using a virtual environment with Anaconda.

Qiskit Install

Operating System


pip install qiskit

Start Online

IBM's hosted Jupyter Notebooks let you get started without installing anything.

IBM Quantum Experience

Learn with Qiskit

Gain access to a free, digital textbook to study the concepts of quantum computing using Qiskit.

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