class qiskit.qobj.QasmQobjConfig(shots=None, seed_simulator=None, memory=None, parameter_binds=None, meas_level=None, meas_return=None, memory_slots=None, n_qubits=None, pulse_library=None, calibrations=None, rep_delay=None, qubit_lo_freq=None, meas_lo_freq=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: SimpleNamespace

A configuration for an OpenQASM 2 Qobj.

Model for RunConfig.

  • shots (int) – the number of shots.

  • seed_simulator (int) – the seed to use in the simulator

  • memory (bool) – whether to request memory from backend (per-shot readouts)

  • parameter_binds (list[dict]) – List of parameter bindings

  • meas_level (int) – Measurement level 0, 1, or 2

  • meas_return (str) – For measurement level < 2, whether single or avg shots are returned

  • memory_slots (int) – The number of memory slots on the device

  • n_qubits (int) – The number of qubits on the device

  • pulse_library (list) – List of PulseLibraryItem.

  • calibrations (QasmExperimentCalibrations) – Information required for Pulse gates.

  • rep_delay (float) – Delay between programs in sec. Only supported on certain backends (backend.configuration().dynamic_reprate_enabled ). Must be from the range supplied by the backend (backend.configuration().rep_delay_range). Default is backend.configuration().default_rep_delay.

  • qubit_lo_freq (list) – List of frequencies (as floats) for the qubit driver LO’s in GHz.

  • meas_lo_freq (list) – List of frequencies (as floats) for the measurement driver LO’s in GHz.

  • kwargs – Additional free form key value fields to add to the configuration.


classmethod from_dict(data)[source]#

Create a new QasmQobjConfig object from a dictionary.


data (dict) – A dictionary for the config


The object from the input dictionary.

Return type:



Return a dictionary format representation of the OpenQASM 2 Qobj config.


The dictionary form of the QasmQobjConfig.

Return type: