class InstructionScheduleMap[source]

Mapping from QuantumCircuit qiskit.circuit.Instruction names and qubits to Schedule s. In particular, the mapping is formatted as type:

Dict[str, Dict[Tuple[int], Schedule]]

where the first key is the name of a circuit instruction (e.g. 'u1', 'measure'), the second key is a tuple of qubit indices, and the final value is a Schedule implementing the requested instruction.

These can usually be seen as gate calibrations.

Initialize a circuit instruction to schedule mapper instance.



Return all instructions which have definitions.


InstructionScheduleMap.add(instruction, …)

Add a new known instruction for the given qubits and its mapping to a pulse schedule.


Error if the given instruction is not defined.

InstructionScheduleMap.get(instruction, …)

Return the defined Schedule for the given instruction on the given qubits.


Return the list of parameters taken by the given instruction on the given qubits.

InstructionScheduleMap.has(instruction, qubits)

Is the instruction defined for the given qubits?

InstructionScheduleMap.pop(instruction, …)

Remove and return the defined Schedule for the given instruction on the given qubits.


Return a list of the instruction names that are defined by the backend for the given qubit or qubits.


Return a list of the qubits for which the given instruction is defined.

InstructionScheduleMap.remove(instruction, …)

Remove the given instruction from the listing of instructions defined in self.