IntegerComparator.AND(qr_variables, qb_target, qr_ancillae, flags=None, mct_mode='no-ancilla')

Build a collective conjunction (AND) circuit in place using mct.

  • self (QuantumCircuit) – The QuantumCircuit object to build the conjunction on.

  • qr_variables (QuantumRegister) – The QuantumRegister holding the variable qubits.

  • qb_target (Qubit) – The target qubit to hold the conjunction result.

  • qr_ancillae (QuantumRegister) – The ancillary QuantumRegister for building the mct.

  • flags (list[int]) – A list of +1/-1/0 to mark negations or omissions of qubits.

  • mct_mode (str) – The mct building mode.