state_tomography_circuits(circuit, measured_qubits, meas_labels='Pauli', meas_basis='Pauli')[source]

Return a list of quantum state tomography circuits.

This performs measurement in the Pauli-basis resulting in \(3^n\) circuits for an n-qubit state tomography experiment.

  • circuit (QuantumCircuit) – the state preparation circuit to be tomographed.

  • measured_qubits (QuantumRegister) – the qubits to be measured. This can also be a list of whole QuantumRegisters or individual QuantumRegister qubit tuples.

  • meas_labels (Union[str, Tuple[str], List[Tuple[str]]]) – (default: ‘Pauli’) The measurement operator labels.

  • meas_basis (Union[str, TomographyBasis]) – (default: ‘Pauli’) The measurement basis.

Return type



A list containing copies of the original circuit with state tomography measurements appended at the end.

Additional Information:

The returned circuits are named by the measurement basis.

To perform tomography measurement in a custom basis, or to generate a subset of state tomography circuits for a partial tomography experiment use the general function tomography_circuits.