class PassManagerConfig(initial_layout=None, basis_gates=None, inst_map=None, coupling_map=None, layout_method=None, routing_method=None, translation_method=None, scheduling_method=None, instruction_durations=None, backend_properties=None, approximation_degree=None, seed_transpiler=None, timing_constraints=None, unitary_synthesis_method='default', unitary_synthesis_plugin_config=None, target=None, hls_config=None, init_method=None, optimization_method=None)[Quellcode]

Bases: object

Pass Manager Configuration.

Initialize a PassManagerConfig object

  • initial_layout (Layout) – Initial position of virtual qubits on physical qubits.

  • basis_gates (list) – List of basis gate names to unroll to.

  • inst_map (InstructionScheduleMap) – Mapping object that maps gate to schedule.

  • coupling_map (CouplingMap) – Directed graph represented a coupling map.

  • layout_method (str) – the pass to use for choosing initial qubit placement. This will be the plugin name if an external layout stage plugin is being used.

  • routing_method (str) – the pass to use for routing qubits on the architecture. This will be a plugin name if an external routing stage plugin is being used.

  • translation_method (str) – the pass to use for translating gates to basis_gates. This will be a plugin name if an external translation stage plugin is being used.

  • scheduling_method (str) – the pass to use for scheduling instructions. This will be a plugin name if an external scheduling stage plugin is being used.

  • instruction_durations (InstructionDurations) – Dictionary of duration (in dt) for each instruction.

  • backend_properties (BackendProperties) – Properties returned by a backend, including information on gate errors, readout errors, qubit coherence times, etc.

  • approximation_degree (float) – heuristic dial used for circuit approximation (1.0=no approximation, 0.0=maximal approximation)

  • seed_transpiler (int) – Sets random seed for the stochastic parts of the transpiler.

  • timing_constraints (TimingConstraints) – Hardware time alignment restrictions.

  • unitary_synthesis_method (str) – The string method to use for the UnitarySynthesis pass. Will search installed plugins for a valid method. You can see a list of installed plugins with unitary_synthesis_plugin_names().

  • target (Target) – The backend target

  • hls_config (HLSConfig) – An optional configuration class to use for HighLevelSynthesis pass. Specifies how to synthesize various high-level objects.

  • init_method (str) – The plugin name for the init stage plugin to use

  • optimization_method (str) – The plugin name for the optimization stage plugin to use.



Construct a configuration based on a backend and user input.