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the Qiskit community

The Qiskit advocate program is a global program that provides support to the individuals who actively contribute to the Qiskit Community.

Find an advocate

Network with experts and enthusiasts

Advocates will be added to a group of quantum experts and will be a part of regular information sharing sessions.

Access to Qiskit core members and projects

Advocates will receive special access to core members of the Qiskit team for questions and brainstorming ideas.

Invitation to events

Active Qiskit Advocates will be invited to attend global events created for the quantum computing community.

Meet the Advocates

Qiskit advocates are some of the finest minds in quantum computing, all over the world. If you are interested in getting involved with the quantum computing community, reach out to an advocate local to your area.

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Aditya Giridharan


Bangalore, India


Alan Leung Shek Lun


New Territories, Hong Kong

@Alan Leung