If you have any questions or suggestions about the textbook or would like to incorporate it into your curriculum, please contact Abraham Asfaw ([email protected]). In the true spirit of open-source, any chapter contributions are welcome in this GitHub repository.

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Learn Quantum Computation using Qiskit is the work of several individuals. If you use it in your work, cite it using this bib file or directly as:

Abraham Asfaw, Luciano Bello, Yael Ben-Haim, Sergey Bravyi, Lauren Capelluto, Almudena Carrera Vazquez, Jack Ceroni, Francis Harkins, Jay Gambetta, Shelly Garion, Leron Gil, Salvador De La Puente Gonzalez, David McKay, Zlatko Minev, Paul Nation, Anna Phan, Arthur Rattew, Joachim Schaefer, Javad Shabani, John Smolin, Kristan Temme, Madeleine Tod, James Wootton.