2022 Qiskit global summer school on quantum simulation

This summer school provides a focused introduction to quantum computing and its applications to quantum simulation, with a specific focus on quantum chemistry. These lectures were first released as part of a two-week intensive summer school in July 2022. This course contains 9 lectures (split over 19 videos totalling ~17 hours) and 4 labs.

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Prerequisite material

Multiplying matrices by matrices

In order to make the best out of these lectures, we recommend you are comfortable with linear algebra. In this short video series, Sal Khan talks you through matrix multiplication.

Get started with Qiskit and Jupyter

These pages will help you set up your environement to work with Qiskit, and give you a quick overview of Python and Jupyter notebooks.

Introduction course (optional)

This short course for audiences of all backgrounds fills you in on key concepts in on the basic ideas behind quantum computing.

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