2021 Qiskit Global Summer School on Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum computing experts and mentors share valuable insights through twenty lectures and five applied lab exercises that provide deep-dives exploring concepts in quantum computing, focused on the implementations of quantum machine learning algorithms in Qiskit.

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Prerequisite material

Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Hardware

The Qiskit Global Summer School 2020 coursework, lab, and lecture materials are available online.

Python Programming

Python is a programming language where you don't need to compile. You can just run it line by line...

Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is the language of quantum computing. Develop a good understanding of the basic mathematical concepts that linear algebra is built upon.

Probability Theory — Random Variables and Distributions

Probabilities help us deal with unknowns. Quantum mechanics is an extension of probability theory, so being comfortable with probabilities will make your quantum computing journey easier.


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