2020 Qiskit Global Summer School on Quantum Computing and Quantum Hardware

This course is an introduction to the world of quantum computing, with an exploration of some of the key quantum algorithms and their implementations using quantum circuits, as well as the quantum hardware that is designed to run these algorithms. The course was first offered during the Qiskit Global Summer School in July 2020 as a two-week intensive summer school. There are 27 lectures in this course, which cover the material in 9 lecture notes and 9 associated labs.

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Prerequisite material

Probability Theory: Random Variables and Distributions

Probabilities help us deal with unknowns. As quantum mechanics is an extension of probability theory, being comfortable with probabilities will make your quantum computing journey easier.

Multiplying matrices by matrices

In order to make the best out of these lectures, we recommend you are comfortable with linear algebra. In this short video series, Sal Khan talks you through matrix multiplication.

Linear Algebra

If you need to brush up on important linear algebra concepts, check out this review page in the Qiskit Textbook.

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