🎉 Qiskit is getting a new learning experience on IBM Quantum!Check it out

Qiskit Textbook

Qiskit is getting a new learning experience!

We are building a new home for the Qiskit Textbook on IBM Quantum, and we will be migrating courses and tutorials in the coming months.

Just getting started with Qiskit? Start your learning journey on the new platform today!

Screenshot of the new Qiskit learning experience

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Helpful Resources


The Qiskit Documentation is the right place for you if you are looking for the installation guide, release notes, or API references.

Support Channels

If you need support on anything relating to using and developing Qiskit, you can use the following forums to direct your issue / queries to the appropriate audience.


The Slack community is a great place to engage in discussion on research and quantum development.

Educators Program

This program helps teachers in the growing quantum field connect with one another, and provides the learning resources, tools, and systems access they need to provide quality educational experiences.