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The below are designed and created by the Qiskit team. However, we recommend a familiarity with linear algebra and Python from these trusted resources.

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Qiskit Textbook

The Qiskit Textbook is a free digital open source textbook that will teach the concepts of quantum computing while you learn to use Qiskit.

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Introduction Course

This introduction course is around 3 hours long and will take individuals from all backgrounds through a linear path of content that begins at the atoms of computation and ends at Grover's algorithm.

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Coding with Qiskit

This video series starts at learning how to install Qiskit locally, understanding what gates to do quantum states and explores quantum algorithms and the latest research topics.

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Qiskit Medium

This blog provides a nice overview of Qiskit and its direction as we explore what applications can be done on today's quantum devices.

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Qiskit Tutorial

Try out this hands on Qiskit tutorial that will provide an overview of working with Qiskit, building circuits, visualizing results and exploring more advanced features in the SDK.

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Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Hardware

An introduction to the world of quantum computing, with an exploration of some of the key quantum algorithms and their implementations, as well as the quantum hardware that is designed to run these algorithms.

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