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Quantum Duel

Eduardo Gonzalez, Jairo Kishi, Yohei Wakabayashi, Unchalisa Taetragool, Daniel Serrano

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“Quantum Duel” is the first online multiplayer quantum game. Each player is given initial and final quantum states. The objective of the game is to build a quantum circuit to achieve such the transformation. The first to submit the correct circuit wins the duel and becomes the fastest draw in the quantum west!


The game begins when two players open the Quantum Duel game web page, then the initial and final states are given. The players should drag and drop the provided quantum gates to make a correct quantum circuit for the problem. The FIRST player who gets the correct quantum circuit WINS!

Technical details

Once the game begins, a problem of the initial and final quantum states are randomly generated by the levels generator module. Next, the user circuit converter transforms the user input circuit into a Qiskit quantum circuit. The answer is then checked. Lastly, the result is sent to the players when the correct answer is detected.