Qiskit Global Summer School 2022:
Quantum Simulations

The Qiskit Global Summer School 2022 is a two-week intensive summer program designed to empower the quantum researchers and developers of tomorrow with the skills and know-how to explore the world of quantum computing and its applications. This third-annual summer school will provide a focused introduction to quantum computing and its applications to quantum simulation, with a specific focus on quantum chemistry.

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Quantum Learning & More

Qiskit Textbook
The Qiskit Textbook is a free digital open source textbook that will teach you the concepts of quantum computing while you learn to use Qiskit.
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IBM Quantum
IBM offers cloud access to the most advanced quantum computers available. Learn, develop, and run programs with our quantum applications and systems.
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Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Hardware
The Qiskit Global Summer School 2020 coursework, lab, and lecture materials are now available online.
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Quantum Computing & Quantum Machine Learning (2021)
The Qiskit Global Summer School 2021 coursework, lab, and lecture materials are now available online.
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*Final agenda and syllabus subject to change

Frequently asked questions

  • Minimal prerequisites are required for the Qiskit Global Summer School. If you know how to multiply two matrices , and have some programming experience in Python, you are ready for the Summer School.

    You can brush up on Python programming before attending the lectures by using the Qiskit Textbook. To make the most out of these lectures, you may also consider looking through the linear algebra prerequisites section of the Qiskit Textbook.

  • There is no application or pre-registration for the Qiskit Global Summer School 2022. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis, with scheduled global availability. Once the Summer School registration reaches capacity, unfortunately we will not be able to register any additional students.

  • The summer school is made up of a total of 20 lectures, 3 lab sessions & application exercises, in addition to the daily Live Q&A Sessions and final Commencement Celebration. Participation and completion of all labs and lectures are required in order to receive a certificate of completion from the Summer School, with the optional Q&A Sessions and Commencement activities to enhance your Summer School experience. The schedule is not fixed, aside from final lab submission deadlines, and all students can participate on the schedule that works best for them. Students should anticipate a minimum time commitment of 30 hours for the full Summer School, but we recommend planning on 41 hours of participation, with additional time for discussion and collaboration with other students.

  • The 2022 Summer School will cover briefly introduce quantum computing before diving into quantum simulations and chemistry, which was not covered in the 2020 or 2021 Summer School, so you should enroll if you are interested!

  • Lectures and labs sessions will all be recorded and available for live participation and post viewing, as well as the daily Q&A sessions.

  • Nope! Everything can be done in-browser.

  • There is no cost to participate in the summer school!

  • You will need a computer with a reliable internet connection and either a mobile device or webcam/microphone on your computer to communicate with mentors and other students. You will need to be able to view seminars and connect virtually. Other than that, you just need to bring yourself

  • The age limit for Qiskit Global Summer School 2022 is 14. If you are under the age limit, but still want to be part of the community, please check out other ways you can get connected, and other events that may be available in your area!

  • Explore IBM Quantums Educators Program online here , or email [email protected] to connect with the latest coursework and classroom resources for educators and students alike.

  • There are several different ways you can connect with the IBM Quantum Community - depending on your preference. You can follow Qiskit and IBM Research on Twitter for the latest updates on new events, activities, and features on what is going on with the community. There is also a community Github that you can explore and contribute to, and you can read regular blog posts from our team and community members on Medium . You can also subscribe to the Qiskit YouTube for the latest video content and our weekly live Seminar Series.

    If you want to collaborate and connect with other members of the community, and participate in some of the ongoing conversations about quantum computing, you will want to check out our ever-growing Slack Community . From there you can connect with current and past interns, IBM researchers, Qiskit advocates, and fellow community members directly.

  • All of our announced upcoming events are listed on qiskit.org , which is continually updated as we roll out more events throughout the year. You can also follow Qiskit on Twitter for the latest announcements on new and upcoming events!

  • For any questions about the summer school, please submit your questions using the form below. For all other enquiries, feel free to email us directly at [email protected] .


Let us know if you have any questions!

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Learn about and install Qiskit

Prepare for the Summer School by reviewing the documentation and installing Qiskit.

Qiskit Medium

This blog provides a nice overview of Qiskit and its direction as we explore what applications can be done on today's quantum devices.

Code of conduct

Qiskit is dedicated to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for all participants. We have a code of conduct that all events adhere to.