Quantum Information Science Seminar Series

The Qiskit Quantum Information Science Seminar Series is dedicated to the research and academic communities as a broad and deep dive into the latest cutting edge quantum research.

The seminar is live and interactive, you can discuss and ask questions as you watch, and is streamed on YouTube.

Join us live every Friday at 12:00 PM ET.

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What is the Quantum Information Science Seminar Series?

Learn from experts
Learn from & interact directly with world-leading experts in quantum, from across the globe.
About the hosts
Dr. Zlatko K. Minev, research staff member at IBM Quantum and recipient of MIT Tech Review’s 35 under 35 Global Innovator award, is our lead host. He is joined by Dr. Olivia Lanes, an experimental researcher and education developer at IBM, working to bridge the gap between the hardware and software communities.
The latest in quantum computing
This series will discuss all the most current research and new developements across the field of quantum computing.
Real time questions & discussion
Discuss in real time with other researchers, students, and folks in quantum, while having the ability to ask questions of the speaker in real time via the comment chat box on YouTube.

Upcoming Quantum Seminar Schedule

SpeakerInstitutionName of talkDate of talkLink to talk
Bryce FullerIBM ResearchSeminar Series: Approximate Solutions of Combinatorial Problems via Quantum Relaxations with Bryce FullerMay 27, 2022 Join event

Past Quantum Seminars

SpeakerInstitutionName of talkDate of talkLink to talk
Aleks Lasek & Florian KranzlUniversity of MarylandSeminar Series: Experimental Observation of Thermalisation with Noncommuting ChargesMay 20, 2022 Join event
Zlatko MinevIBM ResearchSeminar Series: Probabilistic Error Cancellation with Sparse Pauli-Lindblad Models on Noisy Quantum Processors with Zlatko MinevMay 13, 2022 Join event
Peter McMahonCornell UniversitySeminar Series: Physical Neural Networks: Harnessing Complex Dynamics to Perform Machine LearningMay 6, 2022 Join event
Ted YoderIBM ResearchSeminar Series: The Most Important Graph(s) in Quantum Error-CorrectionApril 29, 2022 Join event
Artur IzmaylovUniversity of TorontoSeminar Series: Algebraic Techniques for Dealing with Difficult Operators in Quantum Chemistry on a Quantum Computer April 22, 2022 Join event
Jens KochNorthwesternSeminar Series: Next-Generation Superconducting Qubits for Quantum ComputingApril 15, 2022 Join event
Jürgen LisenfeldPhysikalisches Institut, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), KarlsruheSeminar Series: Material Defects in Superconducting Quantum ComputersApril 8, 2022 Join event
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