QC40: Physics of Computation Conference
40th Anniversary

QC40 is a one-day virtual event that will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Physics of Computation Conference which was jointly organized by MIT and IBM, and held at the MIT campus (Endicott House) in 1981.

The conference was a defining moment in the history of quantum computation. At QC40, we will take a close look at the changes in quantum computing over the past 40 years, with a panel discussion and keynote addresses by attendees from the original conference and pioneers in the field of quantum computing.

The day will also feature academic talks highlighting recent work in quantum information science (more details under “What is QC40?”). The top outstanding talk submissions will be recognized with up to $5,000 grants as a way to contribute to future research.

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What is QC40?

Keynotes from renowned 1981 attendees 
Listen to what some of the 1981 key attendees have to say about the original conference and what the state of the field was like 40 years ago.
A panel of experts: Then and Now
Watch a lively discussion between recognized scientists who will bridge the gap between the past and the future of quantum information science and computation.
Contributed talks: The latest in quantum information science 
The afternoon will be packed with a wide range of talks illustrating current research and new developments across the field of quantum information science.

  • Aram Harrow from MIT will chair the track dedicated to Theory and Applications.
  • Sarah Sheldon from IBM will chair the track dedicated to Hardware and Experiment.
Call for Submissions
Format: Submit a clear abstract here (talks will be 15 minutes plus a 5-minute Q&A)
Review criteria: (scored with equal weight)
  • Problem and potential influence on quantum information science
  • Technical approach and novelty
  • Clarity of abstract
Reviewers: Quantum researchers from IBM and MIT
Deadline for submission: March 31, 2021
Decision date: April 20, 2021

Event schedule

Time (EDT)Event
08:30 AM An introduction from Olivia Lanes PhD, experimental researcher and education developer at IBM and Charlie Bennett, physicist, information theorist and IBM Fellow at IBM Research.
09:00 AM A series of keynote addresses about quantum information science in the 1980s
10:30 AM A live panel that will bridge Then and Now
11:30 AM The future of quantum hardware
01:00 PM Conference Track 1: Series of contributed talks focusing on Hardware and Experiment
01:00 PM Conference Track 2: Series of contributed talks focusing on Theory and Applications

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