QuadraticProgram.linear_constraint(linear=None, sense='<=', rhs=0.0, name=None)[fuente]
Adds a linear equality constraint to the quadratic program of the form:

(linear * x) sense rhs.

  • linear (ndarray | spmatrix | List[float] | Dict[int | str, float] | None) – The linear coefficients of the left-hand side of the constraint.

  • sense (str | ConstraintSense) –

    The sense of the constraint,

    • ==, =, E, and EQ denote “equal to”.

    • >=, >, G, and GE denote “greater-than-or-equal-to”.

    • <=, <, L, and LE denote “less-than-or-equal-to”.

  • rhs (float) – The right-hand side of the constraint.

  • name (str | None) – The name of the constraint. If it’s None or empty "", the default name, e.g., c0, is used.


The added constraint.


QiskitOptimizationError – if the constraint name already exists or the sense is not valid.

Tipo del valor devuelto: