, y, sample_weight=None)[ソース]

Fit the model according to the given training data.

  • X (np.ndarray) – Train features. For a callable kernel (an instance of BaseKernel) the shape should be (n_samples, n_features), for a precomputed kernel the shape should be (n_samples, n_samples).

  • y (np.ndarray) – shape (n_samples), train labels . Must not contain more than two unique labels.

  • sample_weight (np.ndarray | None) – this parameter is not supported, passing a value raises an error.


self, Fitted estimator.

  • ValueError

    • X and/or y have the wrong shape. - X and y have incompatible dimensions. - y includes more than two unique labels. - Pre-computed kernel matrix has the wrong shape and/or dimension.

  • NotImplementedError

    • when a sample_weight which is not None is passed.