Audit events for Qiskit Runtime

As a security officer, auditor, or manager, you can use the IBM Cloud® Activity Tracker service to track how users and applications interact with the Qiskit Runtime service in IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud Activity Tracker records user-initiated activities that change the state of a service in IBM Cloud. You can use this service to investigate abnormal activity and critical actions and to comply with regulatory audit requirements. In addition, you can be alerted about actions as they happen. The events that are collected comply with the Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) standard. For more information, see the getting started tutorial for IBM Cloud Activity Tracker.

List of data events

The following table lists the Qiskit Runtime actions that generate an event:




An event is generated a program is uploaded.


An event is generated when program information is returned. For example, when you list programs or program details.


An event is generated when a program is deleted.


An event is generated when a program metadata is updated.


An event is generated when a job is started.


An event is generated when job information is returned. This includes listing jobs, job details, job results, job interim results, or job logs.


An event is generated when a job is deleted.


An event is generated when a job is cancelled.

Viewing events

Events that are generated by an instance of the YourServiceName service are automatically forwarded to the IBM Cloud Activity Trackerservice instance that is available in the same location.

IBM Cloud Activity Tracker can have only one instance per location. To view events, you must access the web UI of the IBM Cloud Activity Tracker service in the same location where your service instance is available. For more information, see Launching the UI.