IBMCompositeJob.wait_for_final_state(timeout=None, wait=None, callback=None)[source]#

Wait until the job progresses to a final state such as DONE or ERROR.

  • timeout (Optional[float]) – Seconds to wait for the job. If None, wait indefinitely.

  • wait (Optional[float]) – Seconds to wait between invoking the callback function. If None, the callback function is invoked only if job status or queue position has changed.

  • callback (Optional[Callable]) –

    Callback function invoked after each querying iteration. The following positional arguments are provided to the callback function:

    • job_id: Job ID

    • job_status: Status of the job from the last query.

    • job: This IBMCompositeJob instance.

    In addition, the following keyword arguments are also provided:

    • queue_info: A QueueInfo instance with job queue information, or None if queue information is unknown or not applicable. You can use the to_dict() method to convert the QueueInfo instance to a dictionary, if desired.


IBMJobTimeoutError – if the job does not reach a final state before the specified timeout.

Return type: