static IBMProvider.save_account(token=None, url=None, instance=None, name=None, proxies=None, verify=None, overwrite=False)[source]#

Save the account to disk for future use.

  • token (Optional[str]) – IBM Quantum API token.

  • url (Optional[str]) – The API URL. Defaults to

  • instance (Optional[str]) – The hub/group/project.

  • name (Optional[str]) – Name of the account to save.

  • proxies (Optional[dict]) – Proxy configuration. Supported optional keys are urls (a dictionary mapping protocol or protocol and host to the URL of the proxy, documented at, username_ntlm, password_ntlm (username and password to enable NTLM user authentication)

  • verify (Optional[bool]) – Verify the server’s TLS certificate.

  • overwrite (Optional[bool]) – True if the existing account is to be overwritten.

Return type: