class IBMBackendService(provider, hgp)[source]#

Backend namespace for an IBM Quantum account.

Represent a namespace that provides backend related services for the IBM Quantum backends available to this account. An instance of this class is used as a callable attribute to the IBMProvider class. This allows a convenient way to query for all backends or to access a specific backend:

backends = provider.backends()  # Invoke backends() to get the backends.
sim_backend = provider.backend.ibmq_qasm_simulator  # Get a specific backend instance.

Also, you are able to retrieve jobs from an account without specifying the backend name. For example, to retrieve the ten most recent jobs you have submitted, regardless of the backend they were submitted to, you could do:

most_recent_jobs =

It is also possible to retrieve a single job without specifying the backend name:

job = provider.backend.retrieve_job(<JOB_ID>)

IBMBackendService constructor.

  • provider (IBMProvider) – IBM Quantum account provider.

  • hgp (HubGroupProject) – default hub/group/project to use for the service.


IBMBackendService.backends([name, filters, ...])

Return all backends accessible via this account, subject to optional filtering.[limit, skip, ...])

Return a list of jobs, subject to optional filtering.


Return a single job.