qiskit.visualization.plot_bloch_vector(bloch, title='', ax=None, figsize=None, coord_type='cartesian', font_size=None)[source]#

Plot the Bloch sphere.

Plot a Bloch sphere with the specified coordinates, that can be given in both cartesian and spherical systems.

  • bloch (list[double]) – array of three elements where [<x>, <y>, <z>] (Cartesian) or [<r>, <theta>, <phi>] (spherical in radians) <theta> is inclination angle from +z direction <phi> is azimuth from +x direction

  • title (str) – a string that represents the plot title

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.Axes) – An Axes to use for rendering the bloch sphere

  • figsize (tuple) – Figure size in inches. Has no effect is passing ax.

  • coord_type (str) – a string that specifies coordinate type for bloch (Cartesian or spherical), default is Cartesian

  • font_size (float) – Font size.


A matplotlib figure instance if ax = None.

Return type:



MissingOptionalLibraryError – Requires matplotlib.


from qiskit.visualization import plot_bloch_vector

plot_bloch_vector([0,1,0], title="New Bloch Sphere")

(Source code)

import numpy as np
from qiskit.visualization import plot_bloch_vector

# You can use spherical coordinates instead of cartesian.

plot_bloch_vector([1, np.pi/2, np.pi/3], coord_type='spherical')

(Source code)