, output_name=None, callback=None)[source]

Run all the passes on the specified circuits.

  • circuits (Union[QuantumCircuit, List[QuantumCircuit]]) – Circuit(s) to transform via all the registered passes.

  • output_name (Optional[str]) – The output circuit name. If None, it will be set to the same as the input circuit name.

  • callback (Optional[Callable]) –

    A callback function that will be called after each pass execution. The function will be called with 5 keyword arguments:

    pass_ (Pass): the pass being run
    dag (DAGCircuit): the dag output of the pass
    time (float): the time to execute the pass
    property_set (PropertySet): the property set
    count (int): the index for the pass execution

    The exact arguments pass expose the internals of the pass manager and are subject to change as the pass manager internals change. If you intend to reuse a callback function over multiple releases be sure to check that the arguments being passed are the same.

    To use the callback feature you define a function that will take in kwargs dict and access the variables. For example:

    def callback_func(**kwargs):
        pass_ = kwargs['pass_']
        dag = kwargs['dag']
        time = kwargs['time']
        property_set = kwargs['property_set']
        count = kwargs['count']

Return type

Union[QuantumCircuit, List[QuantumCircuit]]


The transformed circuit(s).