Instruction.draw(dt=1, style=None, filename=None, interp_method=None, scale=1, plot_all=False, plot_range=None, interactive=False, table=True, label=False, framechange=True, channels=None)[source]

Plot the instruction.

  • dt (float) – Time interval of samples

  • style (Optional[SchedStyle]) – A style sheet to configure plot appearance

  • filename (Optional[str]) – Name required to save pulse image

  • interp_method (Optional[Callable]) – A function for interpolation

  • scale (float) – Relative visual scaling of waveform amplitudes

  • plot_all (bool) – Plot empty channels

  • plot_range (Optional[Tuple[float]]) – A tuple of time range to plot

  • interactive (bool) – When set true show the circuit in a new window (this depends on the matplotlib backend being used supporting this)

  • table (bool) – Draw event table for supported instructions

  • label (bool) – Label individual instructions

  • framechange (bool) – Add framechange indicators

  • channels (Optional[List[Channel]]) – A list of channel names to plot


A matplotlib figure object of the pulse schedule

Return type