class BackendConfiguration(backend_name, backend_version, n_qubits, basis_gates, gates, local, simulator, conditional, open_pulse, memory, max_shots, coupling_map, max_experiments=None, sample_name=None, n_registers=None, register_map=None, configurable=None, credits_required=None, online_date=None, display_name=None, description=None, tags=None, **kwargs)[source]

Backwards compat shim representing an abstract backend configuration.

Initialize a QasmBackendConfiguration Object

  • backend_name (str) – The backend name

  • backend_version (str) – The backend version in the form X.Y.Z

  • n_qubits (int) – the number of qubits for the backend

  • basis_gates (list) – The list of strings for the basis gates of the backends

  • gates (list) – The list of GateConfig objects for the basis gates of the backend

  • local (bool) – True if the backend is local or False if remote

  • simulator (bool) – True if the backend is a simulator

  • conditional (bool) – True if the backend supports conditional operations

  • open_pulse (bool) – True if the backend supports OpenPulse

  • memory (bool) – True if the backend supports memory

  • max_shots (int) – The maximum number of shots allowed on the backend

  • coupling_map (list) – The coupling map for the device

  • max_experiments (int) – The maximum number of experiments per job

  • sample_name (str) – Sample name for the backend

  • n_registers (int) – Number of register slots available for feedback (if conditional is True)

  • register_map (list) – An array of dimension n_qubits X n_registers that specifies whether a qubit can store a measurement in a certain register slot.

  • configurable (bool) – True if the backend is configurable, if the backend is a simulator

  • credits_required (bool) – True if backend requires credits to run a job.

  • online_date (datetime) – The date that the device went online

  • display_name (str) – Alternate name field for the backend

  • description (str) – A description for the backend

  • tags (list) – A list of string tags to describe the backend

  • **kwargs – optional fields



Returns the number of qubits.



Create a new GateConfig object from a dictionary.


Return a dictionary format representation of the GateConfig.