class CQCExtractorJob(job_id, client, parameters=None)[source]

Representation of an asynchronous call to the CQC extractor.

An instance of this class is returned when you call run_async_ext1(), run_async_ext2(), or retrieve_job() method of the CQCExtractor class.

If the job is successfully submitted, you can inspect the job’s status by calling status().

Some of the methods in this class are blocking, which means control may not be returned immediately. block_until_ready() is an example of a blocking method, which waits until the job completes:

job = extractor.run_async_ext1(...)
random_bits = job.block_until_ready()


An error may occur when querying the remote server to get job information. The most common errors are temporary network failures and server errors, in which case an RequestsApiError is raised. These errors usually clear quickly, so retrying the operation is likely to succeed.

CQCExtractorJob constructor.

  • job_id (str) – Job ID.

  • client (RandomClient) – Object for connecting to the server.

  • parameters (Optional[Dict]) – Parameters used for this job.



Return the extractor method used.


Return the parameters passed to the extractor.


CQCExtractorJob.block_until_ready([timeout, …])

Wait for the job to finish and return the result.


Query the server for the latest job status.