CQCExtractor.run_async_ext2(ext2_seed, ext2_seed_num_bits, ext2_wsr_multiplier, ext2_wsr_generator=None)[source]

Run the second extractor asynchronously.

  • ext2_seed (List[int]) – Seed used for extractor 2, such as the output of extractor 1.

  • ext2_seed_num_bits (int) – Number of bits in the seed, for extractor 2.

  • ext2_wsr_multiplier (int) – WSR multiplier, for extractor 2. The number of bits used by extractor 2 is ext2_seed_num_bits*ext2_wsr_multiplier.

  • ext2_wsr_generator (Optional[Callable]) – WSR generator used for extractor 2. It must take the number of bits as the input and a list of random bits (0s and 1s) as the output. If None, :func:generate_wsr is used.

Return type



An instance of CQCExtractorJob which can be used to retrieve the results later.


ValueError – If an invalid argument values are specified.