IBMQFactory.enable_account(token, url='', hub=None, group=None, project=None, **kwargs)[source]

Authenticate against IBM Quantum Experience for use during the session.


With version 0.4 of this qiskit-ibmq-provider package, use of the legacy Quantum Experience and Qconsole (also known as the IBM Quantum Experience v1) credentials is no longer supported.

  • token (str) – IBM Quantum Experience token.

  • url (str) – URL for the IBM Quantum Experience authentication server.

  • hub (Optional[str]) – Name of the hub to use.

  • group (Optional[str]) – Name of the group to use.

  • project (Optional[str]) – Name of the project to use.

  • **kwargs

    Additional settings for the connection:

    • proxies (dict): proxy configuration.

    • verify (bool): verify the server’s TLS certificate.

Return type



If hub, group, and project are specified, the corresponding provider is returned. Otherwise the provider for the open access project is returned.

  • IBMQAccountError – If an IBM Quantum Experience account is already in use for the session.

  • IBMQAccountCredentialsInvalidUrl – If the URL specified is not a valid IBM Quantum Experience authentication URL.

  • IBMQProviderError – If no provider matches the specified criteria, or more than one provider matches the specified criteria.