class IBMQBackendService(provider)[source]

Backend namespace for an IBM Quantum Experience account provider.

Represent a namespace that provides backend related services for the IBM Quantum Experience backends available to this provider. An instance of this class is used as a callable attribute to the AccountProvider class. This allows a convenient way to query for all backends or to access a specific backend:

backends = provider.backends()  # Invoke backends() to get the backends.
sim_backend = provider.backends.ibmq_qasm_simulator  # Get a specific backend instance.

Also, you are able to retrieve jobs from a provider without specifying the backend name. For example, to retrieve the ten most recent jobs you have submitted, regardless of the backend they were submitted to, you could do:

most_recent_jobs =

It is also possible to retrieve a single job without specifying the backend name:

job = provider.backends.retrieve_job(<JOB_ID>)

IBMQBackendService constructor.


provider (AccountProvider) – IBM Quantum Experience account provider.


IBMQBackendService.__call__([name, filters, …])

Return all backends accessible via this provider, subject to optional filtering.[limit, skip, …])

Return a list of jobs, subject to optional filtering.


Return your upcoming reservations.


Return a single job.