, backend_options=None, validate=False, **run_options)

Run a qobj on the backend.

  • qobj (QasmQobj) – The Qobj to be executed.

  • backend_options (dict or None) – DEPRECATED dictionary of backend options for the execution (default: None).

  • validate (bool) – validate the Qobj before running (default: False).

  • run_options (kwargs) – additional run time backend options.


The simulation job.

Return type


Additional Information:
  • kwarg options specified in run_options will temporarily override any set options of the same name for the current run.

  • The entries in the backend_options will be combined with the Qobj.config dictionary with the values of entries in backend_options taking precedence. This kwarg is deprecated and direct kwarg’s should be used for options to pass them to run_options.