sequence(scheduled_circuits, backend=None, inst_map=None, meas_map=None, dt=None)[source]

Schedule a scheduled circuit to a pulse Schedule, using the backend.

  • scheduled_circuits (Union[QuantumCircuit, List[QuantumCircuit]]) – Scheduled circuit(s) to be translated

  • backend (Union[Backend, BaseBackend, None]) – A backend instance, which contains hardware-specific data required for scheduling

  • inst_map (Optional[InstructionScheduleMap]) – Mapping of circuit operations to pulse schedules. If None, defaults to the backend’s instruction_schedule_map

  • meas_map (Optional[List[List[int]]]) – List of sets of qubits that must be measured together. If None, defaults to the backend’s meas_map

  • dt (Optional[float]) – The output sample rate of backend control electronics. For scheduled circuits which contain time information, dt is required. If not provided, it will be obtained from the backend configuration

Return type

Union[Schedule, List[Schedule]]


A pulse Schedule that implements the input circuit


QiskitError – If inst_map and meas_map are not passed and backend is not passed