schedule(circuits, backend=None, inst_map=None, meas_map=None, dt=None, method=None)[source]

Schedule a circuit to a pulse Schedule, using the backend, according to any specified methods. Supported methods are documented in qiskit.scheduler.schedule_circuit.

  • circuits (Union[QuantumCircuit, List[QuantumCircuit]]) – The quantum circuit or circuits to translate

  • backend (Union[Backend, BaseBackend, None]) – A backend instance, which contains hardware-specific data required for scheduling

  • inst_map (Optional[InstructionScheduleMap]) – Mapping of circuit operations to pulse schedules. If None, defaults to the backend’s instruction_schedule_map

  • meas_map (Optional[List[List[int]]]) – List of sets of qubits that must be measured together. If None, defaults to the backend’s meas_map

  • dt (Optional[float]) – The output sample rate of backend control electronics. For scheduled circuits which contain time information, dt is required. If not provided, it will be obtained from the backend configuration

  • method (Union[str, List[str], None]) – Optionally specify a particular scheduling method

Return type

Union[Schedule, List[Schedule]]


A pulse Schedule that implements the input circuit


QiskitError – If inst_map and meas_map are not passed and backend is not passed