QuantumCircuit.uc(gate_list, q_controls, q_target, up_to_diagonal=False)

Attach a uniformly controlled gates (also called multiplexed gates) to a circuit.

The decomposition was introduced by Bergholm et al. in https://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/0410066.pdf.

  • gate_list (list[ndarray]) – list of two qubit unitaries [U_0,…,U_{2^k-1}], where each single-qubit unitary U_i is a given as a 2*2 array

  • q_controls (QuantumRegister|list[(QuantumRegister,int)]) – list of k control qubits. The qubits are ordered according to their significance in the computational basis. For example if q_controls=[q[1],q[2]] (with q = QuantumRegister(2)), the unitary U_0 is performed if q[1] and q[2] are in the state zero, U_1 is performed if q[2] is in the state zero and q[1] is in the state one, and so on

  • q_target (QuantumRegister|(QuantumRegister,int)) – target qubit, where we act on with the single-qubit gates.

  • up_to_diagonal (bool) – If set to True, the uniformly controlled gate is decomposed up to a diagonal gate, i.e. a unitary u’ is implemented such that there exists a diagonal gate d with u = d.dot(u’), where the unitary u describes the uniformly controlled gate


the uniformly controlled gate is attached to the circuit.

Return type



QiskitError – if the list number of control qubits does not correspond to the provided number of single-qubit unitaries; if an input is of the wrong type