qv_circuits(qubit_lists=None, ntrials=1, qr=None, cr=None)[source]

Return a list of square quantum volume circuits (depth=width)

The qubit_lists is specified as a list of qubit lists. For each set of qubits, circuits the depth as the number of qubits in the list are generated

  • qubit_lists (list) – list of list of qubits to apply qv circuits to. Assume the list is ordered in increasing number of qubits

  • ntrials (int) – number of random iterations

  • qr (QuantumRegister) – quantum register to act on (if None one is created)

  • cr (ClassicalRegister) – classical register to measure to (if None one is created)


A tuple of the type (circuits, circuits_nomeas) wheere:

circuits is a list of lists of circuits for the qv sequences (separate list for each trial) and `` circuitss_nomeas`` is the same circuits but with no measurements for the ideal simulation

Return type