class AccreditationCircuits(target_circ, two_qubit_gate='cx', coupling_map=None, seed=None)[source]

This class generates accreditation circuits from a target.

Implementation follows the methods from Samuele Ferracin, Theodoros Kapourniotis and Animesh Datta New Journal of Physics, Volume 21, November 2019

Initialize the circuit generation class parse into layers

  • target_circ (QuantumCircuit) – a qiskit circuit to accredit

  • two_qubit_gate (string) – a flag as to which 2 qubit gate to compile with, can be cx or cz

  • coupling_map (list) – some particular device topology as list of list (e.g. [[0,1],[1,2],[2,0]])

  • seed (int) – seed to the random number generator



Generate quantum circuits for accreditation


Load target circuit in to class, and parse into layers