tensored_meas_cal(mit_pattern=None, qr=None, cr=None, circlabel='')[source]

Return a list of calibration circuits

  • mit_pattern (Optional[List[List[int]]]) – Qubits on which to perform the measurement correction, divided to groups according to tensors. If None and qr is given then assumed to be performed over the entire qr as one group (default None).

  • qr (Union[int, List[QuantumRegister], None]) – A quantum register (or its size).

  • None (If) –

  • created (one is) –

  • cr (Union[int, List[ClassicalRegister], None]) – A classical register (or its size).

  • None

  • created

  • circlabel (str) – A string to add to the front of circuit names for unique identification (default ‘ ‘).

Return type

Tuple[List[QuantumCircuit], List[List[int]]]


A list of two QuantumCircuit objects containing the calibration circuits mit_pattern

Additional Information:

The returned circuits are named circlabel+cal_XXX where XXX is the basis state, e.g., cal_000 and cal_111.

Pass the results of these circuits to the TensoredMeasurementFitter constructor.

  • QiskitError – if both mit_pattern and qr are None.

  • QiskitError – if a qubit appears more than once in mit_pattern.