TensoredMeasFitter.readout_fidelity(cal_index=0, label_list=None)[source]

Based on the results, output the readout fidelity, which is the average of the diagonal entries in the calibration matrices.

  • cal_index (integer) – readout fidelity for this index in _cal_matrices

  • label_list (list) – Returns the average fidelity over of the groups f states. In the form of a list of lists of states. If None, then each state used in the construction of the calibration matrices forms a group of size 1


The readout fidelity (assignment fidelity)

Return type



QiskitError – If the calibration matrix has not been set for the object.

Additional Information:

The on-diagonal elements of the calibration matrices are the probabilities of measuring state ‘x’ given preparation of state ‘x’.