class IgnisLogging[source]

Singleton class to configure file logging via IgnisLogger

Logging to file is enabled only if there is a config file present. Otherwise IgnisLogger will behave as a regular logger.

Config file is assumed to be in <user home>/.qiskit/logging.yaml

Config file fields:

file_logging: {true/false} - Specifies whether file logging is enabled

log_file: <path> - path to the log file. If not specified, ignis.log will be used

max_size: <# bytes> - maximum size limit for a given log file. If not specified file size is unlimited

max_rotations: <count> - maximum number of log files to rotate (oldest file is deleted in case count is reached)



Get the default date time format used for writing log entries


Configure and retrieve the RotatingFileHandler object.


Get the name of the log file


Return an IgnisLogger object