Aqua (Algorithms for QUantum Applications) (qiskit.aqua)

Qiskit Aqua provides a library of quantum algorithms and components to build quantum applications and leverage near-term devices.


Aqua class for global properties.

Aqua globals class provides random number and max parallel process configuration. Aqua uses the random function and max parallel processes when running any function requiring randomization and/or that can be be done in parallel. Setting the random seed to a given value will ensure predictability in outcome when using a simulator (seeds should also be set in QuantumInstance for transpiler and simulator too).


Base class for errors raised by Aqua.

In addition to standard Python errors Aqua will raise this error if circumstances are that it cannot proceed to completion.


Quantum Backend including execution setting.

A QuantumInstance holds the Qiskit backend as well as a number of compile and runtime parameters controlling circuit compilation and execution. Aqua’s quantum algorithms are run on a device or simulator by passing a QuantumInstance setup with the desired backend etc.