qiskit.opflow.converters.dict_to_circuit_sum의 소스 코드

# This code is part of Qiskit.
# (C) Copyright IBM 2020, 2023.
# This code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may
# obtain a copy of this license in the LICENSE.txt file in the root directory
# of this source tree or at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.
# Any modifications or derivative works of this code must retain this
# copyright notice, and modified files need to carry a notice indicating
# that they have been altered from the originals.

"""DictToCircuitSum Class"""

from qiskit.opflow.converters.converter_base import ConverterBase
from qiskit.opflow.list_ops.list_op import ListOp
from qiskit.opflow.operator_base import OperatorBase
from qiskit.opflow.state_fns.circuit_state_fn import CircuitStateFn
from qiskit.opflow.state_fns.dict_state_fn import DictStateFn
from qiskit.opflow.state_fns.vector_state_fn import VectorStateFn
from qiskit.utils.deprecation import deprecate_func

[문서]class DictToCircuitSum(ConverterBase): r""" Deprecated: Converts ``DictStateFns`` or ``VectorStateFns`` to equivalent ``CircuitStateFns`` or sums thereof. The behavior of this class can be mostly replicated by calling ``to_circuit_op`` on an Operator, but with the added control of choosing whether to convert only ``DictStateFns`` or ``VectorStateFns``, rather than both. """ @deprecate_func( since="0.24.0", additional_msg="For code migration guidelines, visit https://qisk.it/opflow_migration.", ) def __init__( self, traverse: bool = True, convert_dicts: bool = True, convert_vectors: bool = True ) -> None: """ Args: traverse: Whether to recurse down into Operators with internal sub-operators for conversion. convert_dicts: Whether to convert VectorStateFn. convert_vectors: Whether to convert DictStateFns. """ super().__init__() self._traverse = traverse self._convert_dicts = convert_dicts self._convert_vectors = convert_vectors
[문서] def convert(self, operator: OperatorBase) -> OperatorBase: """Convert the Operator to ``CircuitStateFns``, recursively if ``traverse`` is True. Args: operator: The Operator to convert Returns: The converted Operator. """ if isinstance(operator, DictStateFn) and self._convert_dicts: return CircuitStateFn.from_dict(operator.primitive) if isinstance(operator, VectorStateFn) and self._convert_vectors: return CircuitStateFn.from_vector(operator.to_matrix(massive=True)) elif isinstance(operator, ListOp) and "Dict" in operator.primitive_strings(): return operator.traverse(self.convert) else: return operator