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# This code is part of Qiskit.
# (C) Copyright IBM 2017, 2020.
# This code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may
# obtain a copy of this license in the LICENSE.txt file in the root directory
# of this source tree or at
# Any modifications or derivative works of this code must retain this
# copyright notice, and modified files need to carry a notice indicating
# that they have been altered from the originals.

"""Pass Manager Configuration class."""

import pprint

from qiskit.transpiler.coupling import CouplingMap
from qiskit.transpiler.instruction_durations import InstructionDurations

[docs]class PassManagerConfig: """Pass Manager Configuration.""" def __init__( self, initial_layout=None, basis_gates=None, inst_map=None, coupling_map=None, layout_method=None, routing_method=None, translation_method=None, scheduling_method=None, instruction_durations=None, backend_properties=None, approximation_degree=None, seed_transpiler=None, timing_constraints=None, unitary_synthesis_method="default", unitary_synthesis_plugin_config=None, target=None, hls_config=None, init_method=None, optimization_method=None, ): """Initialize a PassManagerConfig object Args: initial_layout (Layout): Initial position of virtual qubits on physical qubits. basis_gates (list): List of basis gate names to unroll to. inst_map (InstructionScheduleMap): Mapping object that maps gate to schedule. coupling_map (CouplingMap): Directed graph represented a coupling map. layout_method (str): the pass to use for choosing initial qubit placement. This will be the plugin name if an external layout stage plugin is being used. routing_method (str): the pass to use for routing qubits on the architecture. This will be a plugin name if an external routing stage plugin is being used. translation_method (str): the pass to use for translating gates to basis_gates. This will be a plugin name if an external translation stage plugin is being used. scheduling_method (str): the pass to use for scheduling instructions. This will be a plugin name if an external scheduling stage plugin is being used. instruction_durations (InstructionDurations): Dictionary of duration (in dt) for each instruction. backend_properties (BackendProperties): Properties returned by a backend, including information on gate errors, readout errors, qubit coherence times, etc. approximation_degree (float): heuristic dial used for circuit approximation (1.0=no approximation, 0.0=maximal approximation) seed_transpiler (int): Sets random seed for the stochastic parts of the transpiler. timing_constraints (TimingConstraints): Hardware time alignment restrictions. unitary_synthesis_method (str): The string method to use for the :class:`~qiskit.transpiler.passes.UnitarySynthesis` pass. Will search installed plugins for a valid method. You can see a list of installed plugins with :func:`.unitary_synthesis_plugin_names`. target (Target): The backend target hls_config (HLSConfig): An optional configuration class to use for :class:`~qiskit.transpiler.passes.HighLevelSynthesis` pass. Specifies how to synthesize various high-level objects. init_method (str): The plugin name for the init stage plugin to use optimization_method (str): The plugin name for the optimization stage plugin to use. """ self.initial_layout = initial_layout self.basis_gates = basis_gates self.inst_map = inst_map self.coupling_map = coupling_map self.init_method = init_method self.layout_method = layout_method self.routing_method = routing_method self.translation_method = translation_method self.optimization_method = optimization_method self.scheduling_method = scheduling_method self.instruction_durations = instruction_durations self.backend_properties = backend_properties self.approximation_degree = approximation_degree self.seed_transpiler = seed_transpiler self.timing_constraints = timing_constraints self.unitary_synthesis_method = unitary_synthesis_method self.unitary_synthesis_plugin_config = unitary_synthesis_plugin_config = target self.hls_config = hls_config
[docs] @classmethod def from_backend(cls, backend, _skip_target=False, **pass_manager_options): """Construct a configuration based on a backend and user input. This method automatically gererates a PassManagerConfig object based on the backend's features. User options can be used to overwrite the configuration. Args: backend (BackendV1): The backend that provides the configuration. pass_manager_options: User-defined option-value pairs. Returns: PassManagerConfig: The configuration generated based on the arguments. Raises: AttributeError: If the backend does not support a `configuration()` method. """ res = cls(**pass_manager_options) backend_version = getattr(backend, "version", 0) if not isinstance(backend_version, int): backend_version = 0 if backend_version < 2: config = backend.configuration() if res.basis_gates is None: if backend_version < 2: res.basis_gates = getattr(config, "basis_gates", None) else: res.basis_gates = backend.operation_names if res.inst_map is None: if backend_version < 2: if hasattr(backend, "defaults"): defaults = backend.defaults() if defaults is not None: res.inst_map = defaults.instruction_schedule_map else: res.inst_map = backend.instruction_schedule_map if res.coupling_map is None: if backend_version < 2: cmap_edge_list = getattr(config, "coupling_map", None) if cmap_edge_list is not None: res.coupling_map = CouplingMap(cmap_edge_list) else: res.coupling_map = backend.coupling_map if res.instruction_durations is None: if backend_version < 2: res.instruction_durations = InstructionDurations.from_backend(backend) else: res.instruction_durations = backend.instruction_durations if res.backend_properties is None and backend_version < 2: res.backend_properties = if is None and not _skip_target: if backend_version >= 2: = if res.scheduling_method is None and hasattr(backend, "get_scheduling_stage_plugin"): res.scheduling_method = backend.get_scheduling_stage_plugin() if res.translation_method is None and hasattr(backend, "get_translation_stage_plugin"): res.translation_method = backend.get_translation_stage_plugin() return res
def __str__(self): newline = "\n" newline_tab = "\n\t" if self.backend_properties is not None: backend_props = pprint.pformat(self.backend_properties.to_dict()) backend_props = backend_props.replace(newline, newline_tab) else: backend_props = str(None) return ( "Pass Manager Config:\n" f"\tinitial_layout: {self.initial_layout}\n" f"\tbasis_gates: {self.basis_gates}\n" f"\tinst_map: {str(self.inst_map).replace(newline, newline_tab)}\n" f"\tcoupling_map: {self.coupling_map}\n" f"\tlayout_method: {self.layout_method}\n" f"\trouting_method: {self.routing_method}\n" f"\ttranslation_method: {self.translation_method}\n" f"\tscheduling_method: {self.scheduling_method}\n" f"\tinstruction_durations: {str(self.instruction_durations).replace(newline, newline_tab)}\n" f"\tbackend_properties: {backend_props}\n" f"\tapproximation_degree: {self.approximation_degree}\n" f"\tseed_transpiler: {self.seed_transpiler}\n" f"\ttiming_constraints: {self.timing_constraints}\n" f"\tunitary_synthesis_method: {self.unitary_synthesis_method}\n" f"\tunitary_synthesis_plugin_config: {self.unitary_synthesis_plugin_config}\n" f"\ttarget: {str(, newline_tab)}\n" )