qiskit.pulse.library.Sin(duration, amp, phase, freq=None, angle=0.0, name=None, limit_amplitude=None)[fuente]#

A sinusoidal pulse.

The envelope of the pulse is given by:

\[f(x) = \text{A}\sin\left(2\pi\text{freq}x+\text{phase}\right) , 0 <= x < duration\]

where \(\text{A} = \text{amp} \times\exp\left(i\times\text{angle}\right)\).

  • duration (int | ParameterExpression) 鈥 Pulse length in terms of the sampling period dt.

  • amp (float | ParameterExpression) 鈥 The magnitude of the amplitude of the sinusoidal wave. Wave range is [-amp,`amp`].

  • phase (float | ParameterExpression) 鈥 The phase of the sinusoidal wave (note that this is not equivalent to the angle of the complex amplitude)

  • freq (ParameterExpression | float | None) 鈥 The frequency of the sinusoidal wave, in terms of 1 over sampling period. If not provided defaults to a single cycle (i.e :math:鈥漟rac{1}{text{duration}}鈥). The frequency is limited to the range \(\left(0,0.5\right]\) (the Nyquist frequency).

  • angle (ParameterExpression | float | None) 鈥 The angle in radians of the complex phase factor uniformly scaling the pulse. Default value 0.

  • name (str | None) 鈥 Display name for this pulse envelope.

  • limit_amplitude (bool | None) 鈥 If True, then limit the amplitude of the waveform to 1. The default is True and the amplitude is constrained to 1.


ScalableSymbolicPulse instance.

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