C贸digo fuente para qiskit.transpiler.synthesis.aqc.aqc_plugin

# This code is part of Qiskit.
# (C) Copyright IBM 2021.
# This code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may
# obtain a copy of this license in the LICENSE.txt file in the root directory
# of this source tree or at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.
# Any modifications or derivative works of this code must retain this
# copyright notice, and modified files need to carry a notice indicating
# that they have been altered from the originals.
An AQC synthesis plugin to Qiskit's transpiler.
import numpy as np

from qiskit.converters import circuit_to_dag
from qiskit.transpiler.passes.synthesis.plugin import UnitarySynthesisPlugin

[documentos]class AQCSynthesisPlugin(UnitarySynthesisPlugin): """ An AQC-based Qiskit unitary synthesis plugin. This plugin is invoked by :func:`~.compiler.transpile` when the ``unitary_synthesis_method`` parameter is set to ``"aqc"``. This plugin supports customization and additional parameters can be passed to the plugin by passing a dictionary as the ``unitary_synthesis_plugin_config`` parameter of the :func:`~qiskit.compiler.transpile` function. Supported parameters in the dictionary: network_layout (str) Type of network geometry, one of {``"sequ"``, ``"spin"``, ``"cart"``, ``"cyclic_spin"``, ``"cyclic_line"``}. Default value is ``"spin"``. connectivity_type (str) type of inter-qubit connectivity, {``"full"``, ``"line"``, ``"star"``}. Default value is ``"full"``. depth (int) depth of the CNOT-network, i.e. the number of layers, where each layer consists of a single CNOT-block. optimizer (:class:`~qiskit.algorithms.optimizers.Optimizer`) An instance of optimizer to be used in the optimization process. seed (int) A random seed. initial_point (:class:`~numpy.ndarray`) Initial values of angles/parameters to start the optimization process from. """ @property def max_qubits(self): """Maximum number of supported qubits is ``14``.""" return 14 @property def min_qubits(self): """Minimum number of supported qubits is ``3``.""" return 3 @property def supports_natural_direction(self): """The plugin does not support natural direction, it assumes bidirectional two qubit gates.""" return False @property def supports_pulse_optimize(self): """The plugin does not support optimization of pulses.""" return False @property def supports_gate_lengths(self): """The plugin does not support gate lengths.""" return False @property def supports_gate_errors(self): """The plugin does not support gate errors.""" return False @property def supported_bases(self): """The plugin does not support bases for synthesis.""" return None @property def supports_basis_gates(self): """The plugin does not support basis gates and by default it synthesizes a circuit using ``["rx", "ry", "rz", "cx"]`` gate basis.""" return False @property def supports_coupling_map(self): """The plugin does not support coupling maps.""" return False
[documentos] def run(self, unitary, **options): # Runtime imports to avoid the overhead of these imports for # plugin discovery and only use them if the plugin is run/used from qiskit.algorithms.optimizers import L_BFGS_B from qiskit.transpiler.synthesis.aqc.aqc import AQC from qiskit.transpiler.synthesis.aqc.cnot_structures import make_cnot_network from qiskit.transpiler.synthesis.aqc.cnot_unit_circuit import CNOTUnitCircuit from qiskit.transpiler.synthesis.aqc.cnot_unit_objective import DefaultCNOTUnitObjective num_qubits = int(round(np.log2(unitary.shape[0]))) config = options.get("config") or {} network_layout = config.get("network_layout", "spin") connectivity_type = config.get("connectivity_type", "full") depth = config.get("depth", 0) cnots = make_cnot_network( num_qubits=num_qubits, network_layout=network_layout, connectivity_type=connectivity_type, depth=depth, ) optimizer = config.get("optimizer", L_BFGS_B(maxiter=1000)) seed = config.get("seed") aqc = AQC(optimizer, seed) approximate_circuit = CNOTUnitCircuit(num_qubits=num_qubits, cnots=cnots) approximating_objective = DefaultCNOTUnitObjective(num_qubits=num_qubits, cnots=cnots) initial_point = config.get("initial_point") aqc.compile_unitary( target_matrix=unitary, approximate_circuit=approximate_circuit, approximating_objective=approximating_objective, initial_point=initial_point, ) dag_circuit = circuit_to_dag(approximate_circuit) return dag_circuit