Quellcode für qiskit.circuit.library.iqp

# This code is part of Qiskit.
# (C) Copyright IBM 2017, 2020.
# This code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may
# obtain a copy of this license in the LICENSE.txt file in the root directory
# of this source tree or at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.
# Any modifications or derivative works of this code must retain this
# copyright notice, and modified files need to carry a notice indicating
# that they have been altered from the originals.

"""Instantaneous quantum polynomial circuit."""

from __future__ import annotations

import numpy as np
from qiskit.circuit import QuantumCircuit
from qiskit.circuit.exceptions import CircuitError

[Doku]class IQP(QuantumCircuit): r"""Instantaneous quantum polynomial (IQP) circuit. The circuit consists of a column of Hadamard gates, a column of powers of T gates, a sequence of powers of CS gates (up to :math:`\frac{n^2-n}{2}` of them), and a final column of Hadamard gates, as introduced in [1]. The circuit is parameterized by an n x n interactions matrix. The powers of each T gate are given by the diagonal elements of the interactions matrix. The powers of the CS gates are given by the upper triangle of the interactions matrix. **Reference Circuit:** .. plot:: from qiskit.circuit.library import IQP A = [[6, 5, 3], [5, 4, 5], [3, 5, 1]] circuit = IQP(A) circuit.draw('mpl') **Expanded Circuit:** .. plot:: from qiskit.circuit.library import IQP from qiskit.tools.jupyter.library import _generate_circuit_library_visualization A = [[6, 5, 3], [5, 4, 5], [3, 5, 1]] circuit = IQP(A) _generate_circuit_library_visualization(circuit.decompose()) **References:** [1] M. J. Bremner et al. Average-case complexity versus approximate simulation of commuting quantum computations, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 080501 (2016). `arXiv:1504.07999 <https://arxiv.org/abs/1504.07999>`_ """ def __init__(self, interactions: list | np.ndarray) -> None: """Create IQP circuit. Args: interactions: input n-by-n symmetric matrix. Raises: CircuitError: if the inputs is not as symmetric matrix. """ num_qubits = len(interactions) interactions = np.array(interactions) if not np.allclose(interactions, interactions.transpose()): raise CircuitError("The interactions matrix is not symmetric") a_str = np.array_str(interactions) a_str.replace("\n", ";") name = "iqp:" + a_str.replace("\n", ";") circuit = QuantumCircuit(num_qubits, name=name) circuit.h(range(num_qubits)) for i in range(num_qubits): for j in range(i + 1, num_qubits): if interactions[i][j] % 4 != 0: circuit.cp(interactions[i][j] * np.pi / 2, i, j) for i in range(num_qubits): if interactions[i][i] % 8 != 0: circuit.p(interactions[i][i] * np.pi / 8, i) circuit.h(range(num_qubits)) super().__init__(*circuit.qregs, name=circuit.name) self.compose(circuit.to_gate(), qubits=self.qubits, inplace=True)