Visualizations (qiskit.visualization)

Counts and State Visualizations

plot_histogram(data[, figsize, color, …])

Plot a histogram of data.

plot_bloch_vector(bloch[, title, ax, …])

Plot the Bloch sphere.

plot_bloch_multivector(state[, title, …])

Plot the Bloch sphere.

plot_state_city(state[, title, figsize, …])

Plot the cityscape of quantum state.

plot_state_hinton(state[, title, figsize, …])

Plot a hinton diagram for the density matrix of a quantum state.

plot_state_paulivec(state[, title, figsize, …])

Plot the paulivec representation of a quantum state.

plot_state_qsphere(state[, figsize, ax, …])

Plot the qsphere representation of a quantum state.

Device Visualizations

plot_gate_map(backend[, figsize, …])

Plots the gate map of a device.

plot_error_map(backend[, figsize, show_title])

Plots the error map of a given backend.

plot_circuit_layout(circuit, backend[, view])

Plot the layout of a circuit transpiled for a given target backend.

Circuit Visualizations

circuit_drawer(circuit[, scale, filename, …])

Draw a quantum circuit to different formats (set by output parameter):

DAG Visualizations

dag_drawer(dag[, scale, filename, style])

Plot the directed acyclic graph (dag) to represent operation dependencies in a quantum circuit.

Pass Manager Visualizations

pass_manager_drawer(pass_manager[, …])

Draws the pass manager.

Pulse Visualizations

pulse_drawer(data[, dt, style, filename, …])

Plot the interpolated envelope of pulse and schedule.


Style sheets for pulse visualization.


interpolation module for pulse visualization.

Timeline Visualizations

timeline_drawer(program[, style, …])

Generate visualization data for scheduled circuit programs.

draw(program[, style, time_range, …])

Generate visualization data for scheduled circuit programs.

Single Qubit State Transition Visualizations

visualize_transition(circuit[, trace, …])

Creates animation showing transitions between states of a single qubit by applying quantum gates.



For visualization specific errors.

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