Random Number Services (qiskit.providers.ibmq.random)

Modules related to IBM Quantum Experience random number generator services.


This package is currently provided in beta form and heavy modifications to both functionality and API are likely to occur.

The only service currently provided is the Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) extractor. To use this service, you need to first generate raw random bits and a set of parameters for the extractor. See qiskit_rng for more details.


The CQC extractor service is not available to all accounts.


IBMQRandomService(provider, access_token)

Random number services for an IBM Quantum Experience account provider.

CQCExtractor(name, provider, client, methods)

Class for interfacing with a CQC remote extractor.

CQCExtractorJob(job_id, client[, parameters])

Representation of an asynchronous call to the CQC extractor.