Experiment (qiskit.providers.ibmq.experiment)

Modules representing IBM Quantum Experience experiments.


This package is currently provided in beta form and heavy modifications to both functionality and API are likely to occur.


This service is not available to all accounts.

You can use the experiment service to query, upload, and retrieve experiments, experiment plots, and analysis results. For example:

from qiskit import IBMQ
provider = IBMQ.load_account()
experiments = provider.experiment.experiments()

All the available functions can be invoked using the provider.experiment attribute, which is an instance of the ExperimentService class.


ExperimentService(provider, access_token)

Provides experiment related services.

Experiment(provider, backend_name, …[, …])

Class representing an experiment.

AnalysisResult(experiment_uuid, …[, …])

Class representing an analysis result for an experiment.