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# This code is part of Qiskit.
# (C) Copyright IBM 2018, 2020.
# This code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may
# obtain a copy of this license in the LICENSE.txt file in the root directory
# of this source tree or at
# Any modifications or derivative works of this code must retain this
# copyright notice, and modified files need to carry a notice indicating
# that they have been altered from the originals.

Exception for errors raised by Aqua.

from qiskit import QiskitError

[docs]class AquaError(QiskitError): """Base class for errors raised by Aqua.""" def __init__(self, *message) -> None: """Set the error message.""" super().__init__(' '.join(message)) self.message = ' '.join(message) def __str__(self) -> str: """Return the message.""" return repr(self.message)

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